Welcome to Home Living

If you have a home, chances are you have figured out by now that its cheaper to work on any problems you may have, yourself, as apposed to hiring out a contractor. Trying to maintain an older home is not an easy task and can really require the effort of your entire house hold or family.

Whether you are simply keeping up with yard work, or doing something as complex as roof repair, electrical work, or plumbing Home Living can be stressful. It is good to remember also that no matter how stressful you day to day living is, the reward is great knowing that your hard earned money that you are using for your home is not going to a landlord, but it is going towards paying off your own property!

Buying an older home will often require more upkeep and money to bring an older home into the present. This may mean new plumbing, or updated electrical. Many times the siding may be falling off, or rotten needing to be replaced. You may have to go from the orignal cedar siding the house came with to a new cement board siding like hardiplank.

Throughout this site, Home Living will do its best to make sure that you as a home owner can at the very least attempt to correct your homes smaller problems on your own and attempt larger projects you may have shyed away from in the past, like landscaping and drywall. We know its not easy, but with a little help you will suprised how much you can accomplish in your own home, not only allowing you to save money, but feel good about your home and your self at the same time.