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Kitchen Lamps Solutions for Food Prep Zone

Kitchen Lamps Solutions for Food Prep Zone

When you are working on to make your dream kitchen come true, kitchen lamps can be such a challenging aspect to plan. It is mostly because you have to establish a balance while ensuring the key cooking and food prep zones are lit well. However, looking at those inspiring kitchen lamps ideas, you may find how it’s not impossible anyway.

Kitchen Lamps for Prep Area

There are many ways you can do to integrate the kitchen lamps seamlessly to your food prep space. It goes the same even if you want to add the light fixtures in such a unique and creative way. For example, what about mounting the light fixtures in the center of pot rack installed over the kitchen island table? You can also make the lighting for food prep area more attractive by installing decorative pendant lamps over island.

For an absolute attention stealer, what about installing oversized hanging-type light fixture over your island? This will work brilliantly if your kitchen is designed in open floor plan. Huge dome pendant lighting can be a great choice to consider as kitchen lamps in your modern and minimalist kitchen, especially if you stick with neutral color choice for the pendant.

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